Lead Chromate

Lead Chromate
Lead Chromate
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Lead Chromate pigments can be pure lead chromate (dark yellow pigments) or mixed phase lead chromate and lead sulphate (bright yellow pigments). The most important lead chromate pigments are:

  • Primrose chrome- a pale, greenish yellow (containing between 45% and 55% lead sulphate), where the pigment has a metastable orthorhombic crystal structure, that requires stabilization by the addition of additives.
  • Lemon chrome - also a greenish yellow, but redder than primrose, according to the sulphate content (it contains between 20% and 40% lead sul-phate - the more sulphate, the greener the shade). It has a monoclinic crystal structure.
  • Middle chrome - a reddish yellow shade, typically a pure lead chromate precipitated in the monoclinic structure.
  • Orange chrome - chemically this pigment is a basic lead chromate and contains no sulphate. It has a tetragonal crystal structure.

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